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Quantum Report

Quantum's limp continued. So I made an appointment with The Cat Practice, recommended by SethCohen, to replace our old vet who has vanished. My thanks to Seth and EstherChaya for covering the morning car pool.
I brought the cat carrier up from the basement and left it open and all set for use last night, so as not to alert Quantum to hide this morning. Grabbed her unexpectedly, popped her in, soothed her with kitty treats, and made the 10 minute drive (which is significantly closer than her old vet since we moved).

The Cat Practice folks were wonderful. I am one of many folks coming to them from the closing of the Cat Medical Center on NH Ave, and they were able to provide me with a phone number to get Quantum's records transferred (I had not even thought about the need to get her records transferred). They believed me when I explained Quantum was a very aggressive cat and therefore went right to a general anesthetic (after explaining the risks, which are minimal but real) rather than trying to get her to walk or beginning the examination directly. (Quantum nicely proved my point by taking a slice out of the tech's finger tips when she went to open the carrier.) The staff were very friendly and the vet, Dr. Rogers, invited me back to see Quantum under sedation and observe the damage.

Turns out there were two, fairly deep, puncture wounds. But cats heal so fast and the skin on the pads is so tight (and Quantum did not allow close scrutiny) that they had been invisble to a casual investigation. Our guess is she was bitten by something in a fight (probably the neighbor's cat given their mutual history). Given Quantum's nature, trying to put a bandage on (and change the dressing regularly) was not recommended. So he gave her a broad spectrum antibiotic for us to give her twice daily for a week (joy!), cleaned out the wounds, gave her a shot of antibiotics, and, as long as she was out, cleaned her teeth and gave her shots (which she was about due for).

Then they woke up Quantum and observed her for awhile until satisfied it was safe to let her go after anesthetic. On the way home, Quantum told me in no uncertain terms what she thought of evil Daddies who trick -- TRICK -- innocent kitties and ply them with kitten treats then take them to nasty bad bad smelly places. After a suitable bribe at home, I may have earned her forgiveness. We'll see.

So we need to keep her inside a few days and give her meds (in liquid form). Her weight is also down to 8.4 lbs. Becky seems to recall she weighed about 12 pounds at her last vet appointment a year ago. We will need to keep an eye on this, although she seems healthy and is eating steadily.

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