osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

I hate being sick

I don't get sick much, and when I do, it tends to be just enough to make me miserable but not enough to make me want to skip work.

Essentially, it is a bad cold. No fever but occassional chills. Stuffed head and feels like I'm moving through molasses. Tired.

Started with a soar throat/ear ache thursday night. As I work at home on Friday's in the dead of winter, I just called in and told my boss to treat today as a sick day instead and did not try to get work done. A brief nap helped, and was able to get shabas cooking done in afternoon. Fortunately, we had pre-arranged deal with Estherchaya and Seth Cohen for Friday night dinner -- they would do sides and I would do main dish and soup. As I think doing main dish is easy and hate doing sides, and Estherchaya feels the opposite, this worked pretty well (have I mentioned recently how envious I am of Estherchaya's esthetic sense. I can cook reasonably tasty food, but consider it a triumph not to serve out of the pot. Estherchaya does up all of her stuff as if it were a fancy resteraunt or catered affair. Y'know, actual plating.)

Woke up shabbas morning feeling much worse. I would have stayed in bed but if I do not take Aaron to shul, he doesn't go. So I dragged self there and then left after musaf. Made kiddush on grape juice and a granola bar, told Becky she was on her own, and collapsed for a few hours. Becky came up for her nap, dragged self out of bed, played an hour of backgammon with Aaron (who is pretty good, backgammon has the right combo of luck and skill that he beats me enough times to keep him playing). Then Aaron went to visit Uncle Shmuel and Aunt Sherry for an hour while I collapsed.

After shabbos, Becky took Aaron to cub scout malva malke and I went to sleep. Got up every four hours or so to deal with incredibly dry mouth from being unable to breathe through nose. This morning felt o.k. when I got up at 8 a.m. Noe we are heading out to Lonebear's party and I suspect I will come back here and crash in hopes of being well enough to got to work on Monday.

Side note. Martin has deferred our Adelphia meeting until after the new year, so now no conflict with Aaron Chanukah play on Thursday.

Do any local parents have good plans for the Monday and Tuesday of winter break?

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