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I surrender
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Sunday, August 7th, 2005

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Working on Sunday again, blech
Banished Becky and Aaron from the house after my network at work proved inopperative (burning two hours I did not have). Am sooooo sick of cable. I'd much rather get ready for Pennsic and do the spectrum stuff. But cable ownership comments are due tommorrow and I brief the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (staff only, members are back home) on Wed.

Ah well, back to work. Another all nighter in the works. We are heading for our least prepared Pennsic since I can remeember. No cooking in advance, barely remember to pack ourselves and garb in the car. Not even renting a van this time.

Anyway, no one call me for anything until Tuesday evening at the earliest. I will get very snarly and threaten you with cable viewer statistics and the switching costs associated with MVPD carriage.

On the plus side, my professional blog is seadily gaining readers. Perhaps I'll quit and become a glamorous professional blogger. I understand it's all the rage with the news folks . . . .


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