September 15th, 2005

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Back to school night

So last night Becky and I went to "Back to school" night for Aaron. This is a chance for his teachers to brief the paents as a group on the class and the general curriculum.

I'm liking his teacher's better this year than last year. Some of that may be due to the fact that Aaron is now the nephew of the vice principle. As Miles Vorkosigan once observed of the Vor- "Nepotism isn't even a vice for us, it's a way of life." (Komar)

But they also are showing a more rational attitude toward homework. Last year, Aaron, in first grade, was getting approximately two hours of homework. THIS WAS RIDICULOUS. Leaving aside that we also had him in after school activities (a necessity, as we both work), two hours of home work is just not do-able in the first grade.

This year, his teachers are trying to set a limit on homework of 15 minutes for Hebrew and 15 minutes for English. Much more rational. Although Aaron is not exactly the most efficient worker in the universe.

As an aside, I observed that the male-female ratio for the meeting was about even, which seems to be the case at just about every Hebrew Academy event/meeting. From what I can tell, fathers and mothers are both equally engaged and usually both working -- although not always.
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Cousin passes

I just found out my father's cousin Burt Kolko passed on from cancer last night (Lisa, you may be reading this here first if you haven't heard from your folks).

I was not particularly close to Burt. In the entire time I have lived in DC, we only managed to get together when my father was in town. But my father was close and is taking this hard.

Funeral is tomorrow, so I will be hosting my Dad for Shabbos. Wish it could be under better circumstances.
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