October 10th, 2005

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Of course, everything at work is coming to a full boil this month. sigh . . . .

Had intended to go to Kingdom Crusade last weekend. Have not been for five years, as it is always Columbus Day weekend and this has conflicted with holidays or the holidays are Thrs and Fri. Last time I could actuallyb try to go was 2001, when I couldn't fight the traffic caused by the D.C. Sniper killing.

So this time I was all set, got in the car at 3 p.m., which should have gotten me to the sight by 5 p.m. with shabbos coming in at 6:30 p.m.

But it was raining, buckets. 3 inches in one hour.

By 4:30 p.m., I had not reached Laurel. I concluded it would be impossible for me to make it to the event before shabbos even if the rain slowed down and traffic cleared. I gave up, turned around, and went home.

Haven't checked calendar, but I bet next year Columbus Day weekend is Simchat Torah. sigh.

Saturday Night Becky and I saw Corpse Bride. If you liked Nightmare Before Christmass, you will love this. I found it funny, sick, touching and romantic all at the same time. Also reminded me of various Childe Ballads.

Sunday my younger brother Shmuel and I drove to Staten Island and back for my grandfather's unveiling (For those unfamiliar with this custom, it is the dedication of the tombstone). It was an intimate ceremony, only immediate family and one or two close family friends. Total drive time was about 4 hours each way, giving Shmuel and I much time to talk. I was somewhat surprised to realize how different our experiences with my granfather had been.

Today I spent 6 hours catching up on accumulated email from my week of travel, Rosh Hashanna, and the weekend. In many cases, I printed the email out to read later. This ignores the various written product I need to do, as well as other matters suddenly given new life in Congress. Definitely need to move to Israel. At least Knesset is out of session during the yommim tovim.
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