October 24th, 2005

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Update on Becky

As some of you will have heard, Becky is now at Holy Cross Hospital. Happily, this is in walking distance as it looks like she will be there over Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah. I am not posting a phone number and Becky does not want visitors at this time. I will update if that changes.

Starting last week, Becky started feeling nauseaus after eating anything substantial. This was ignored in the press of holidays and Becky's work schedule (trying to get Becky to take time out to see a dr is always very difficult. Of course, on the rare occassions when _I_ need a dr, I am equally impossible about it). Last Saturday, after lunch, Becky went into full-blown turbo barfing, something she hasn't done since Aaron was born (but did happen once before the pregnancy when she had stomach flu). She was pretty much barfing on the hour and miserable in between.

Our first solution was to figure it was flu and try to wait it out. I went to see Serenity with Manny and my visiting friend Dave, as Becky likes being alone in her misery (Aaron being safely down for the night). When I got back, Becky was still miserable and I suggested we call our dr and talk to the after hours advice people. Becky was actually amenable to this suggestion (she had rejected it several hours earlier . . . did I mention she s stubborn and a bad patient?) and the advice folks sad she should go to the emergency room at our local hospital.

So we went to Holy Cross at 2 a.m., got back into the ER treatment/triage area at 3 a.m. Becky got some anti-nasuea drugs that didn't help. Her blood pressure spiked to 210/90 (very high) and she was now running a fever., so they started giving her drugs to keep the blood pressure down and gave her the only antinaseau drug that worked when she was pregnant after we kepting insisting that nothing but Reglan ever worked for her. That at least brought the misery down to manageable.

They wanted to send her home with antinaseau drugs. Based on the experience with trubo-barfing Becky in pregnancy and the one time before, we strenuously resisted this option, pointing out that we would just have to keep coming back to rehydrate her since she could not keep water down even with the Reglan. By about 10 a.m., they relented and admitted her.

So she's been there ever since. She is slowing doing better. The fever is coming down, the nauseau is settling to the point where she can keep down water, but the blood pressure is still high even with the drugs (160/80, spiking to ove 180 when the drugs wear off). She is very tired and dizzy when she walks to the bathroom, which they insist she do if she is able because it is about the only vertical muscle movement time she gets. She is spending most of her time dozing. She is still too tired and nauseaus to read or watch TV. This is why she doesn't want visitors or calls. Mostly, when I am there, I just sit there, read, and make sure she gets her anti-emetics (even in the best hospitals, you have to pester the staff or you end up at the bottom of the priority list).

So far we have a list of negatives. She is not pregnant (bummer), her white cell count is normal, there is no evidence of any cancer or internal bleeding. PLEASE DO NOT SPECULATE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION ON POSSIBLE CONDITIONS OR TESTS OR WHATEVER OR I WILL DISABLE COMMENTS. This is for my personal sanity, as I find dealing with the torrent of amature medical speculation stressful. Becky, who is far more qaulified to read her own chart and figure it out, can fill in any gaps.

We are pretty much taken care of for Yom Tov. My brother and sister-in-law are having us over for everything but Lunch Shmini Atzeret, and have arranged for us to get food for Shmin Atzeret. My mother-in-law is coming down this afternoon to help look after Aaron (who is doing o.k., all things considered).

Becky's Hebrew name is Chaya Gila bat Ita Rivka (Nomi, if this is wrong, please let me know).

I will update after Yom Tov.