December 28th, 2005

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King Kong v. Iron Chef Godzilla

I'm having a problem because after we came back from Kong, we decided to watch a little Iron Chef to settle for bed (Iron Chef is pretty standard mindless TV to unwind). Unfortunately, this has planted a bad seed in my mind for Iron Chef: King Kong v. Godzilla. I keep seeing something like this.
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Mishabeirach time

And then there are the really close calls you never know about.

Our oven door broke awhile ago. It has taken some time for me to get the plumber in to replace the old oven (dating from the 1960s, they don't even make this brand anymore).

When they took out the oven, we discovered that the electric cord was charred through and the outlet broken. The electric cord lies right next to the gas line.

Happily, we do not use the electricity on the oven. We never turn on the light or use the rotiserrie. Still, it could have sparked at anytime. And if it had, we would have been lucky to only lose the kitchen.

I often joke that God loves me and demonstrates it by doing nifty things like holding up my bookshelves that should have fallen. But this one was a doozy.

I must now bring in an electrician to address the issue. I sense further draw down on my home equity line. Compared to blowing up the house, however, it's a bargain.