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I surrender
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Thursday, December 29th, 2005

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Stalker Kitty (origiannly accidentally posted as Becky Feld)
My cat loves me and watches out for me. But enough is enough.

Now that my younger brother Shmu lives a few blocks away, we try to get together every evening for a 20 minute walk. As we both have sedentary jobs, weight problems, and blood pressure that says "heart attack," we figured a gesture toward exercise would be good.

Quantum is an outdoor cat. Tonight, she tracked me to Shmu's house several blocks away. Then she followed me. Cats are not usually distance walkers. They sprint, rest, then stroll or sprint again. But Quantum, at times laboring mightily, kept up with me (and refused to let me pick her up to carry her).

After a few blocks, I became worried she would get lost or hurt herself trying to keep up, so I detoured back home and led her inside. Then I went out and resumed my walk. When I got back, she insisted on cuddling and grooming me.

On reflection, I think I may know what is bothering her. I've been cleaning the basement, which involves packing things up. To Quantum, my packing things up usually means I go away for awhile. Greg tells me that when Becky, Aaron and I are away, Quantum stays out for days looking for us. I wonder if she is concerned that I may vanish again sometime soon.
I'm pathetic for New Year's
So, anyone in my geographic area (Silver Spring, MD) doing anything New Year's eve. I have no clue what we are doing and am very open to suggestions.

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