January 9th, 2006

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Electricians came and went

One more step closer to having an oven. The electricians came and fixed the electric system and also hooked up the garbage disposal. So we now have a working garbage disposal but not an oven yet.

Still have not gotten an estimate from the cabinet maker. Will need to call him and find out what is up.
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It gives the Prime Minister great pleasure to see his old friend Ronald Reagan again . . .

I woke up this morning hearing that Sharon was now breathing on his own, but it was unclear what impact the stroke had on his cognative functions. Of course, being me, I spent the next few minutes entertaining" Becky with various prospects. My favorite being "Sadly, the Prime Minister can only communicate by singing traditional Israeli folk songs." cut to Sharon, in very deep, slow, base singing "yesh ..... lonu .... tiesh ...." or, perhaps better "Tsenna tsenna tsenna al b'not tierena . . ."

My other favorite scenario was equally well received. Cut to Peres slapping Sharon's face over and over again. Peres: "You mean that only works on Vulcans?" (Embarssed shrug, put Sharon head back on pillow. Fluff pillow awkwardly.)

Becky, by the way, deserves much praise for her patiece in remaining married to me for nearly 15 years.

More seriously, the question of what happens next starts to loom really large. Sharon could fall anywhere on a scale from fully recovered (considered almost impossible at this point) to non-functional. Assuming he is not able to run himself, he may still remain a key player in Israeli politics.

If Sharon is able to chose his own successor, perhaps even engage in some light campaigning for Kadima, odds are good Kadima will win by the expected margin. If Sharon is not able to chose his own successor, the stability of the region is up for grabs.

Meanwhile, just to make everyone feel more secure, we have bird flu in Turkey. This fits one of my favorite nightmare scenarios: bird flu mutates to a form transmittable by humans to humans at the time of the Haj. For those unfamiliar with the Haj, it brings together Moslems from all over the world, crams them into a very tiny space under very unsanitary conditions, then sends them home again. While most folks on the Haj come from the Islamic world, many come from the United States and Europe, where there are large Moslem populations.

Back to work.