January 12th, 2007

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The Revolution Is Alive and Well In Memphis

"They have managed to turn the escalation of a failed war into a "surge," as if it were a pulse of electricity through a wire rather than the blood from the ruptured vein of a soldier." Bill Moyers, on the corrpution of public debate brought about by media consolidation.

I miss Becky and Aaron, I miss my friends at Arisia but I gotta say things are hoping here at the National Medoa Reform Conference in Memphis. Over 3000 people coming together to kick the media conglomerates in the nuys, free the potential of wireless, and keep the internet free. I'm doing more formal coverage on my professional blog (which gets me a nifty press badge).

When the video gets posted, watch the video of Danny Glover and of Bill Moyers.

On the downside, while the Save the Internet Party had great people, it had sucky music, and outraeous prices for even non-alcoholic beverages.

I'm hoping to get a music jam or poetry slam started Saturday night. Gotta see if it pans out.

Ari's Grill was willing to deliver, despite it being 20 miles away, so I have food for shabbos other than peanut butter.

Have fun at Arisia or whever you are.