March 4th, 2007

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Some quick updates

Happy Purim to all you folks celebrating on the 14th of Adar.

Fatlefty informs me that Quantum has returned. This is something of a mixed blessing, but on the whole a relief. Becky would be quite sad if Quantum snuffed it (and I will confess she has grown on me a bit as well).

WRT reception of digital signals from previous post- over the air (OTA) reception will improve for many people with digital. The digital signal contains within it a "pilot beacon" that helps antennas find the signal. Because it is a digital signal, the tuner (or converter box) is also "smarter" about decompressing and interpreting the signal.

Finally, the FCC will also allow licensees to set up "digital transmission signal" (DTS) secondary transmitters throughout the transmitting area, boosting signal over analog.

HOWEVER, digital also has a "cliff effect" and the signal trvels about half the distance. If you are in a place where you are getting fuzzy analog reception because you are at the edge of the transmission range, you may lose the channel entirely.

So, for people who say they don' get signal with rabbit ears now, there are two possibilities if you get a digital converter box after the transition.

1) You will get much better reception.

2) You will lose the fuzzy channel entirely.

But you will not get static. You may get jitter or have issues similar to when your computer "buffers" an incoming stream, but you will not have static.