April 22nd, 2007

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Thank goodness for the noisy Mr. Lynksis

My DSL is down. Again. I went over to Estherchaya and Sethcohen and proceeded to crash their network. Hapily my noisy nieghbor, Mr. Lynksis, has generously offered me the use of his connection. Or so I must assume, given that he is blasting into my living room.

Yeah, I give up. I have tried to make competition work. It ain't happening. I can no longer resist the tide. FIOS here I come! Don't blame me Cavtel! You lost when the Supreme Court decided Brand X the wrong way, and when you built a business model around the actual Telecommunications Act of 1996, not knowing how the DC Circuit and the FCC would work together to sabbotage it.

Anyway, today Aaron got his Bear achievement badge -- making him officially my sweetie bear. He is working on his Macabee, and I am hopeful that he will get his Arrow of Light once he becomes eligbile as a Weblo.

Meanwhile, I just discovered someone I know here as frum used to date Esmerelda La Sabia some 20 years ago, before he frummed out and she went to basic. Totally blew my mind. I knew the world was full of oddball connections, but that one threw me.

But I now have to get a press release out in the morning, and can't work on it remotely, because I will not do remote work over an open access point. Bleah.