May 17th, 2007

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A "Perfect 10" Copyright Decision

The Ninth Circuit just issued an opinion on internet search and how it relates to copyright. Perfect 10 v. Google. You can read a news summary here:

The opinion raises as many questions as it solves. On the one hand, it helps address a question of fair use and internet search. To wit, copyright holders that voluntarily put stuff out on the internet (no one is forcing you to guys!) have no action for infringement when a search engine reads the material and directs people to the site anymore than I have infirnged by telling people to go look at this article on the Perfect 10 v. Google court case. OTOH, it raises serious questions about vicarious liability that, to my mind, violate the standard set forth by the Surpreme Court in Grokster.

Will need to ponder, but all my brain cells are occupied by spectrum auction.
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Well, that was interesting . . . .

Spent time this afternoon talking to a woman doing media activism in Jordan. Wanted my input on how to do effective advocacy. I explained that I rely heavily on living in a country where I can do this without worrying about getting shot, "disappeared", imprisoned, or having nasty things happen to me or my family either at the order of the large companies I oppose or at the Order of the government.

Seriously, if I lived in South or Central America and was this effective against their multibillion dollar megacorps, I'd be either hiding in the jungle or in a ditch.

I make this minor observation for those who insist that our government has become an oppressive fascist tyranny. While that may be the end goal of some, and while there are plenty of very nasty things going on, we still have considerable room to drop.

In any event, I found that there were some things I could say of relevance about basic methods of effective advocacy. I will hopefully type them up at some point. Since while they are blazingly obvious to me, I keep needing to repeat them.

However, on the way home tonight, I thought up this little bumper sticker:

If politics is the art of the possible, advocacy is making the impossible, possible.
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