July 14th, 2007

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What really steams me on Internet Radio rates

Of all the things that piss me off about the upcomming internet radio rates debacle, the thing that truly offends me above all else is the sight of my elected legislators begging begging for industry to resolve this so they don't have to legislate. "Oh, please," beg Congresscritters. "Don't make us do our jobs of actually deciding the best public policy! Why don't you all just go work it out so we don't have to pass a law that the music industry doesn't want?"

I love Ed Markey, I really do. There is not a better advocate for the public on the Commerce Committee. But that he is reduced to going on bended knee to a "roundtable" of "stakeholders" rather than actually hold a mark up hearing on the Inslee Bill (which is just four freakin' pages) is sickening.

And members of Congress wonder at their low approval numbers? Heck, they've outsourced public policy to the private sector. Time to downsize them out of existence.

I refuse to give any political contributions until Congress actually does it's job and passes a law on Internet radio rates. Not one more dime. That includes Presidential candidates -- especially those still in the House or Senate. When I get a solcitiation for a contribution, I shall reply that I refuse to give until this is resolved. Let Congress do it's job and actually legislate, or forget about more contributions -- at least from me.

Cut their pay and see how they dance.