July 22nd, 2007

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Responding to Noah Feldman

Well, about a dozen people (including my mother) decided to send me this piece by fellow Maimonides alum and classmate of my younger brother Noah Feldman.

Briefly, Noah is anoyed that us Modern Orthodox Jews -- particularly those of us that went to Maimo, choose to ignore the fact that he married out and, in fact, would rather politely ignore his existence altogether. He has therefore wrtten the above linked-to piece for the NYT (which seems to have some minimum number of anti-religious Jewish pieces it needs to run per quarter). He is particularly annoyed that Maimonides does not print the news of his intermarraige or the news of his children born of this intermarraige, as he rather thinks they should. Indeed, he thinks it is shameful that a school dedicated to the principles of traditional Judaism should publish with a positive imprimatur something utterly abhoerent to those principles.

Noah's piece provides a good springboard for some of my usual rants. Included below the cut. It is unapologetically non-pluralistic and traditional in orientation. Thos offended by such antiquated sentiments who would prefer to think better of me should skip.
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