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I surrender
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Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

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Aaron and I Just Saw the Lunar Eclipse Together
Hard to see, what with the building line and some early morning cloud on the horizon and massive light pollution. But if you looked just right between a gap in the townhouses across the street, you could see it.

Met some neighbors too.

Good for the first day of school for Aaron. Very nice to share, with him and with neighbors.

Current Mood: pleased
Gakked from Agrumer
Actually, given how many New Testament questions there were, I was sort of surprised.

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And now, another episode of wildly inappropriate off color theater . . .
Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) explains his recent misunderstainding . . . .
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Current Mood: cynical
Republicans Appear to Wise Up Over Craig's List
Senator Craig has decided to fight for his career and deny everything, which is an invitation for every male prostitute to sell his story to the local papers.

But high ranking Republicans have learned from past mistakes. They are bailing pretty quick on Craig. Of course, they have a valid process point. Whether Craig pled guilty out of panic and to avoid a scandal when he really had no intent to solicit or not, Craig failed to report his misdemeanor guilty plea in a timely fashion to the relevant Senate ethics authority. Nor did he alert his party leadership, who do not like surprises.

So Craig now finds himself without the shelter of party discipline. This is where all the accumulated nastiness comes out of the woodwork, as "unnamed sources" and "long-time Senate staffers" start sharing the juicy rumors and whispers with reporters on the hunt.

I expect Craig will finish out his term. The crime to which he plead guilty is relatively minor and hardly makes him unfit for office. But I also expect he will not run for reelection (a move he ws already considering). I also expect the next few days to bring out all manner of nasty allegations about other trysts and secret vices (hint: NEVER have your scandal during the "dog days" of summer; you want lots of news crowiding it out).

But the Republican leadership learned at least one thing from last year's never ending parade of scandals: cut your losses early. I keep hoping they will learn some broader lessons, but so far they appear stuck on the old Calvin and Hobbs stand by:

Hobbs: Well, I hoped you learned a valuable lesson from all this.

Calvin: Snow goons are bad news.

Hobbs: It would be nicce if you tried to learn lessons a little more applicable to the rest of your life.

Calvin: Live and don't learn, that's us!

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