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I surrender
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Monday, September 10th, 2007

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I admit I had gnomi in mind when I wrote this on TotSF
"Because the internet (now so common it lost it's proper noun status and became a mere common noun, although it got to keep its article as a consolation prize) enabled so much good stuff, it became very popular."

OTOH, this is just because it was fun:
'Tis Brilig, and the Bandwidth Hogs do gyre and gimbel on the 'net.
All mimsy is the Q-O-S, so who knows what you'll get.
Beware the TorrentPhreak my son,
The peers that peer, the files that share
Beware the video stream and shun
The frumious VOIP-o-ware

From: "Of Bandwidth Hogs, QoS, and Regulatory Chameleons"

Current Mood: silly

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