September 12th, 2007

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Amusing juxtapositions on the news

(NPR Story of New Year in Addis Abbaba)
"In the city, there is a festive air. Men walk down the street holding hands, as they often do in this city. But the sheep are nervous."
(Because the usual custom is to slaughter a sheep for the festive meal.)

(From WTOP)
"The Russians now claim they have developed the most destructive non-nuclear air-delivered bomb in the world. It is just as efficient as a nuclear bomb, but without the environmental damage."
(I thought blowing things up was pretty bad environmental damage.)
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Happy New Year!

To all my friends, whether your believe as I do that Tonight marks the 5768th year since God created the World, or whether you are merely humoring me and enjoy reading good thoughts and good wishes, Shannah Tova u M'tukah -- a good and sweet year to you all.