September 19th, 2007

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MD Delivers Message to Gay Rights Movement "Use the Political Process!"

I guess I'm living in the right state.

The majority followed pretty much the line I've taken so far. Under rational basis analysis, the state is entitled to make determinations that are objectively stupid and pass laws rationally related to that stupidity, provided that it doesn't tread on one of the suspect classes which are race, religion, gender (mostly) and national origin.

OTOH, you are all cordially invited to use the political process to get this reversed. Because there are no shortcuts.

This is a fairly liberal state. And I have never seen a ballot initiative to legalize same sex marriage. Hello? Why the heck not. It's not that hard to get on the ballot.

The gay rights movement won prodigious victories in state legislatures in the 1980s and 1990s when it got equal employment opportunity statutes to include sexual orientation as a prohibited grounds for discrimination. There is absolutely no reason not to repeat that process. And you will win a much more lasting victory, because you will have persuaded people that it is the right thing to do.