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I surrender
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Thursday, September 20th, 2007

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Princeton Has Ed Felten, Harvard Has the Coop. We rock!
My thanks to madfilkentist for pointing me to this story which prompted me to write this blog entry wherein I once again demonstrate the infinite superiority of Orange and Black to Crimson. Better colors, prettier campus, and the U-Store doesn't eject students for jotting down prices and then support this obnoxious practice with specious claims about intellectual property.
Senate Dems Make Major Mistake -- Clinton Only Smart One
And here I was thinking the Dems could hold it together, when they walk right into the trap. Driven like a frightened stag by baying hounds, about half the Senate Dems voted to condemn the Moveon.org "General Betray-Us" ad.

These Dems are idiots. Let us even assume that the Moveon advertisement was "over the top," WHICH IT WAS NOT. What on Earth inspires half the Senate Democrats to make alliance with Fox against the people who have contributed more money and gotten more voters to the polls than anyone else?

Meanwhile, the Dems are proving utterly ineffectual in doing any of the things they were elected to do. This is not exactly going to inspire voters to come out and give them a margin of victory in '08.

The Dems seem to believe that they must reject Moveon to court "the center." They do not understand that even if "the center" was offended by the Moveon ad, it was a trifle. "Oh, those wacky Moveon guys. I think we should get out of Iran, but there's no need for name calling" would be the mainstream reaction. By contrast, the 20% of the D vote that Moveon represents is furious at the betrayal.

Hilary Clinton showed political wisdom in voting against the resolution. Many of the "Moveon crowd" were profoundly distrustful of her. By contrast, Obama just made a major blunder. Most of the anti-Clinton crowd had gravitated to him -- but this demonstrates a lack of willingness to stand up to the Talk Radio bullies and defend principles. (Edwards, sadly, comes off even worse for condemning the ad in the first place).

I expect the Democratic party to take it on the chin in fundraising next month.

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