October 18th, 2007

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Follow up on DTV Transition Post

You can find more info on the DTV transition at the FCC's official website:

Info on the coupons for converter box program managed by NTIA (not FCC!):

BTW, one of the reasons the cable guys can't give you a straight answer on whether or not your old analog TV will work is because it hasn't been decided. The cable guys want to require viewers to move to digital tier to get the digital signal, or be able to downgrade the signal to old analog version if you are staying on analog tier (even if you own a digital television). The broadcasters want digital on basic tier, and both the broadcasters and the consumer electronics association (CEA) don't want cable to be able to downgrade signals (which actually costs more than passing through the digital signal). There is also an ongoing fight on whether cable operators will be required to comply with the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and make the interface for the set-top box available (thus allowing manufacturers to make "cable ready" digital TVs), or whether cable operators will be allowed to continue to ignore this provision and force everyone to rent a set top box from the cable cos (as they did before the 1992 Act mandated open boxes).