October 22nd, 2007

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Oh Colorado's Calling me!

Wooo hoooo!!!!

Oh Colorado's calling me
With her hillsides and her mesas
And her brand new baseball team
It's back to the World Series
And we're ready to return
For a match up with the Colorado Rockies.
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Niki Tsongas, Straw In The Wind

As one might expect, both Dems and Rs are busy studying the recent special election in MA's fifth district, replacing the utterly unexceptional Meehan (D-MA), who left to become Chancellor of his alma matter, Umass-Lowell. Tsongas won, but only by 51%.

The race is reminiscent of several such races among Rs in 2005 and early 2006 that were the first signs of possible trouble for the Rs. Seats that should have been much safer winning by narrow margins.

Jim Ogonowski, the R candidate, appears to have done well from immigration, but ultimately could not overcome identification with George Bush -- particularly the SCHIP veto and overall handling of the Iraq War. But the lack of enthusiasm for Tsongas should send a warning to Ds that they can, indeed, blow it in '08 unless they get their act together. And, between you and me, I'm not convinced Clinton would carry the 5th District of MA.
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We are losing our global relevance, but we're doing more shopping!

I am feeling at my most Cassandra-ish today. Indeed, I keep checking to see if I spot Agammenon or other suspicious looking Greeks in in crested helms sneaking up behind me. Why? Because it turns out a whole bunch of Econ 101 predictions of doom and gloom I've been making over the past year or so have been coming true. No doubt the Libertarians among us will tell me it would be worse with government intervention, except the economies kicking our patooties are doing so precisely because of government intervention in their broadband market place.

Self-interested utilitarian that I am, I like living in the dominant economic power. I am not looking forward to our continued decline -- even less so when the decline is so pathetically predictable and the cure so obvious. Hence my continued struggle to bring enlightenment to the policy makers and the masses. who you would think could handle a little Econ 101.

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