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I surrender
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Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

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Yaakov's Prayer
(Inspired by Gen. 32:19-25)

I have, Oh Lord, done everything I can.
Diplomacy, strategy, all my
Wits conceived I placed in proper plan.
But still 'tis not enough. For lo, not by
My hand shall I be saved. For here I strive
Against a foe whose power dwarfs my own.
As thunder to the frightened infant's cry
His strength to mine. God of the standing stone
I sanctified to mark where glory shone,
Please heed this desperate plea in depths of night!
In trembling fear I come to you, alone,
To beg for your salvation from this fight.
For though my wives and children look to me,
Oh Dread of Isaac, true hope comes from thee.
What WE Call "The News"
The good folks at Jib Jab again use music and flash animation to make an excellent point.
Countdown to Primary Land
Well, we are now starting to come close to the Iowa primary and an interesting thing is happening -- Obama is beginning to creep ahead in Iowa. Speculations below the cut.
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