November 29th, 2007

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I apologize to catalana

I'm sorry. I thought it was just a bit of philosophical discussion. I had not intended to make it an attack. I enjoy the opportunity to engage in such discussions with an expert. Clearly my enthusiasm for debate exceeded the appropriate bounds.
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RIP Jane Lawton, at 63

Turns out she was older than I thought. I suppose that's something.

From someone who was there, I know that there were two things that contributed to Jane's death. First, there was no defib readily available. This is inexcusable in a modern and well kept government building with huge space shared for public functions and thus having high numbers of people. For years, Red Cross and others have urged landlords to make automatic defibrillator's readily available in case of emergency because they can be used effectively by laymen in a sudden crisis.

The other problem is that the EMT's took 20 minutes to get into the RR International Trade Center and to actually reach Jane. Most people will not have been in RR, but it is huge and complicated to make your way through. And the security is a pain in the ass, because it is a government building but with big sections open to the public and shared with a metro station. So there's all kinds of things designed (particularly after 9/11) to slow penetration into the building -- which is a problem when trying to carry emergency transport equipment.

I don't know what could have been done about the later, but apparently folks administering CPR while waiting for the EMTs had and lost pulse repeatedly during the wait before it was lost and could not be restored. It grieves me to think that she could have been saved had help only gotten there sooner.