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I surrender
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Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

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Ah, The Astounding Cluelessness of the Elite
As always, I love when professional journalists demonstrate their idiocy on the blogging front.
This fellow wants to have citizen journalists (as some like to call themselves) certified because it's just too dangerous for anyone to claim to be a journalist.

Hazinski's chief argument appears to be that it is too easy for people to call themselves journalists and spread false information or hide the fact that they have biases. Sure. And the same can be said for "real" journalists as well. So? While the questions of accuracy and trust are important questions for all news outlets, I can't even imagine how one could employ the sort of registration Hazinski suggests.

It also misconceives the question of "what exactly is blogging/citizen journalism anyway?" Is what I do over at Wetmachine "citizen journalism." I don't think so. The closest analogy between me and traditional journalists would be to an op ed writer, but I do not labor under the delusion that I approach that standard. Rather, people read Wetmachine (or this blog) because they think the views and perspectives expressed are worth reading.

I do the same thing when invited to speak at panels. Do I need a certificate for that?

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