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I surrender
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Monday, January 14th, 2008

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California Gives Control Of Your Home To Power Cos
Good news citizens of California! Rather than have the people regulate public utilities, the state of California is proposing that utilities have the power to regulate you.

Under rules proposed by the California Energy Commission, new homes would be required to install internet radios that provide power companies with info on your power use. During times of peak demand, the power cos could override user settings and impose mandatory rationing. Even during non-peak use times, the power cos will offer "suggestions" on efficient use.

Mind you, in a recent study by the Department of Energy, many users liked the idea of voluntary ability to reduce power in response to peak demand and operate more efficiently (thus saving money). But I don't think any of them liked the idea of letting the power company control usage.

How to tell when your public agency is a victim of "capture." When they propose letting the industry regulate you.

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