February 10th, 2008

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How to tell the Sellout

We actually have a competitve race in the adjoining Congressional district. Al Wynn, who has been a major corporate tool and sell out, is facing a push by local progressive and single mom Donna Edwards to unseat him.

Wynn's allies and supporters provide a lovely snapshot of just who has grown fat from his largess. According to this post at OpenLeft, Wynn has received a massive infusion of cash ($150K) from a boatload of major corporations and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Guess they appreciate all the hard work Wynn has done for them on the Commerce Committee.

But this is merely a shrug. What utterly disgusts me are the way that most unions and local organizations (like local Firefighters and Police) have rallied around Wynn. In particular, the Teachers Union (which I have found loathsome and detestable in the way they play politics with children since my experiences with Rhode Island politics) has been rathr vocal on the radio in recent days shilling for Mr. Wynn.

I am not elegible to vote in Wynn's district, although I wish I were. I would dearly love to see this sellout kicked to the curb, along with the rest of his friends. But we will see if the people of PG County feel the same.