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I surrender
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Saturday, February 16th, 2008

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See, this is why I respect and get along with my opposite numbers....
Over at Tech Liberation Front, Tim Lee gives this tongue lashing to ignorant conservatives who are all about supporting fearless leader.

As a general rule, I get along reasonably well with most of the folks at Cato, PFF, Heritage, and the other free market think tanks. In part, this is because they are intellectually honest. I may think they are wrong, and I may argue that they are ignoring real world evidence to the contrary. But they are at least intellectually honest and not just about boosting "their side" no matter what.

Mind you, there are plenty of sock puppets out there who turn on a dime at the demand of their corporate masters. And there are gradations in between. But I like to think I can tell the difference.
Filk: Hymn of the Grayson Farmer
Since I can't be at Boskone this weekend.
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