March 25th, 2008

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Parking More Links

Network Solutions yanks a domain name of a Ducth filmmaker with a film critical of Islam. Where do I get in line to block all the things that offend me? Idiots need to remember that common carriage is their friend.

More problems with measuring broadband penetration. Oh how I wish I had me some data!

Maryland's extremely dangerous proposed law to criminalize sharing wifi connections.
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The $19 Billion Loophole

For reasons for too complicated to explain here (but which I explain here, the NFL and other licensed users of wireless microphones may have superior rights in the spectrum just auctioned than the auction winners.

Hee hee hee hee hee hee.
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I'm still worried I'm missing something . . . .

Can it really be that the FCC failed to notice a major problem with its license allocation?

What is odd is that the FCC held a proceeding in 2003, and amended the rules to make some services -- notably large TV translators and other more powerful auxiliary services regulated under 74.600 et seq. -- secondary to any new users. But they appear to have forgotten the low power mobile systems under Section 74.800 et seq. Such things do happen, and in 2003 no one knew Congress would impose a hard deadline in 2005. But I keep thinking I'm missing something important.