April 24th, 2008

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Apparently, Much Has Changed in Fandom

I gather from this and other endless drayings on the Ferret thing from various sources that -- in the last couple of years since I basically stopped going to conventions -- they have become cauldrons of abusive sexual behavior and harrassment run amok. Or there is a permanently offended cadre of folks (the Harlan Ellison/Bujold flap springs to mind). Either way, I feel a lot less sorry about cutting down to Darkover and the occassional filkcon, especially as it appears unsafe to bring Aaron (where "unsafe" includes exposure to unfortunate behavior).

Happily, I've never run into problems on this scale in Atlantia or at Pennsic (although issues do crop up from time to time).

I had been rather on the fence about Balticon. From what folks say, probably better not. At least I cannot imagine anything untoward happening at Contata.