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I surrender
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Monday, May 12th, 2008

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For Anyone Interested Virgin America Sucks Rocks
$2 for a big of chips. No leg room. And their interactive services are not yet functional.

Glad Lois Live To See Her Filk Hall of Fame Citation
My thanks to Filkentist for gathering the links on Lois Mangan. It occurred to me, reading them, that I was very glad Lois was inducted in 2006. Too often, we fail to recognize people while they are alive. I'm glad Lois got to see how much the community treasured her before she died.
Republicans Against Mothers?
Gakked from Redaxe.
O.K., this is taking partisanship to new heights. I suggest the Democrats sponsor a resolution stating "I will not drink this bottle of hemlock" and see what happens.

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