May 23rd, 2008

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Death of Robert Asprin

I am reprinting below a posting from the Pennsic Bards list, forwarded from another list, on the death of Science Fiction Author and filker Robert Asprin, also known as in the SCA as Yang the Nausesting, Founder of the Dark Horde (although he had not been active in the SCA for many years, the Horde lives on and flourishes).

I only met hime once, at a convention over 20 years ago. So while it is not a personal loss, I am saddened at the passing of ione of the legends of the communities in which I travel.
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Losing always depresses me

Lost the first round in the cable challenge over leased access. As I regard getting the rules in place and finally scoring a clear win over the mighty cable lobby, I find this first round loss to the cable industry in the court challenge disproportionately depressing. Probably for the best I am not going to Balticon, as I will not be pleasant company for awhile.

More details on my professional blog: