May 26th, 2008

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Who should really withdraw . . . .

Although Clinton is almost certainly past the point where she can hope to win, there is very little cost in staying in at this point. We only have a week and a half to go, for goodness sake. Stay in and get what you can at the convention is good politics and makes sense. Heck, played right, it can transform the convention from a divisive event or (worse in politics but better for political theater) a genuinely unscripted event into an event that helps solidify the Democrats and leaves the Democratic rank and file with positive associations for Clinton as a woman who ran an uncompromising campaign on her own terms, refused to bow to political pressure, but yielded ultimately for the good of the party. Etc.

No, the ones who need to bow out -- and make the transformation from active politicos to elder statesman who can no longer do any harm -- are Terry McCauliff and the rest of the senior campaign advisers who have not recognized for 8 years their day is over.

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