May 30th, 2008

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Dumb on so many levels: Preaching Soldiers

Anyone aware of the history of the Indian Mutiny knows that when soldiers start preaching religion to the locals, it's bad news. So this article on soldiers distributing Christian religious material to Muslims in Fallujah strikes me as particularly bad news.

It is, of course, also a violation of law for soldiers on duty to proselytize -- as the article notes. But it is far worse for its propaganda effect. To use one of my favorite Miles Vorkosigan quotes: "Some kinds of stupid you don't have to be."

My fellow Wetmachine blogger John Sundman has this short post with links showing the disturbing trend of Evangelical Christian officers using their position to proselytize and promote like-minded soldiers.

I wonder if anyone has looked at this in the context of resignations from the officer corp. How many captains have left recently because, in addition to everything else, they found the military less congenial to non-believers?
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This is interesting

Current tech gossip on the leading candidate for the VP spot with McCain:
Carly Fiorina (former HP CEO)

(a) A Woman; (b) Business/tech sector -- where McCain is showing unanticipated weakness and Obama shows unanticipated (by people who do not listen to me) strength.