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July 2008 - osewalrus
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by osewalrus:

11:33 am: Link Harvest: Wilson's Munie Fiber System Spurs Competition
02:33 pm: Link Harvest: CTIA Goes Back In Time
03:13 pm: Link Harvest: Why the Right Keeps Losing
03:15 pm: Censursheep: UR Doin It WRONG
10:23 pm: Robot hookers and the process of morality. - 15 comments

12:07 pm: More on the Anti-FISA Campaign and the Net Roots

12:17 pm: Sign the Agriprocessor Petition - 6 comments
04:38 pm: Link Harvest: Media Companies Notice Metered Pricing Has Problems

08:27 am: Obama Response on FISA and Some Cassadrafruede - 4 comments
08:55 am: Mark Fiore "Snuggles The Constitutional Compromise Bear"

10:47 pm: Death of a Brave Little Toaster: And I Am Surprised By the Lack of Coverage - 1 comment

01:53 pm: Linkn Harvest: CompensatingCLEC Corpses -- DC Cir Mandamuses the FCC on Intercarriers Compensation - 5 comments

10:21 pm: Firefox question - 4 comments

01:16 pm: I still got it! - 1 comment
04:52 pm: The FISA and the FCC - 1 comment

09:09 pm: I'm having a hard time getting excited here . . . . - 5 comments

11:40 am: Some Rs Start To Read The Writing on the Wall WRT the Internet - 1 comment

04:43 pm: Link Harvest: People Still Read Newspapers
04:44 pm: Project done, going well so far.

10:01 am: Link HArvest: The Problem With Voluntary Openness on Communications Networks
01:54 pm: Agriprocessor Takes Steps to Address Issues - 2 comments

10:29 am: Link Harvest: Telecom Markets as 2-Sided Markets
03:40 pm: Link Harvest: Court To Consider If Prince Abused DMCA Takedown Notice
03:53 pm: Legal Problems W/ Latest HHS Scheme - 3 comments

08:34 pm: How Comcast Put Itself In A Box, Shut the Lid, And Sh*t Itself. - 4 comments

09:32 am: Ultimate Kvell Moment (warning, high yiddish/Hebrew content) - 5 comments

07:22 pm: Dear Title III Licensee - 2 comments

04:49 pm: Are we nervous yet? - 7 comments

12:40 pm: Fun User Friendly Strip
12:55 pm: Somehow, I doubt Sean Hannity Is the Fisher King - 1 comment
01:26 pm: Merril Sells Debt Below My Proposed Price, Proof Coase Never Considered The Problem of Delay. - 1 comment
04:06 pm: Link Harvest: Verizon Having Problems Getting Access to HD Content - 2 comments
04:20 pm: QOTD - 21 comments
07:51 pm: Writer's Block: In the Event of a Zombie Emergency