July 3rd, 2008

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Sign the Agriprocessor Petition

The Jewish Labor Committee reports that Agriprocessor has made no meaningful reforms in their labor practices. They have posted a Petition online supporting the boycott of Agriprocessors until such time as they address the systemic issues of abuse and violations of law in their plant. You can sign the petition here: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/JLC_Agri_Petition/

As a clearly identifiable Jew keeping kosher in the public advocacy community, I cannot describe the level of personal humiliation I feel over this ongoing chillul Hashem. I am further minded, as we enter Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, that the destruction of the Second Temple was a direct consequence of the failure to have proper regard for our fellow human beings. It does us no good to be meticulous in our observance of Yoshon or to debate the virtues of one schitah over another if we fail to also be meticulous in our responsibilities to one another.
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Link Harvest: Media Companies Notice Metered Pricing Has Problems

A good summary both of the potential negative effect of metered pricing on broadband use and on the fact that consumers who sign up for high speeds don't get them, because when it comes to imposing obligations on the carriers, it's still "best efforts."

The one annoying thing is that it glosses over the fundamental reason why metered pricing got junked in the mid-1990s. The FCC regulations ensuring access by ISPs to telco infrastructure, the Computer proceedings, allowed dozens of dial up ISPs to come into the market and charge based on actual cost. Mind, there was some regulatory arbitrage, and we used to have widespread peering, but this whole complex environment which set the pattern and the regulations that enabled competition at the consumer level inevitably drop out of the story.