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I surrender
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Monday, July 21st, 2008

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Link Harvest: Telecom Markets as 2-Sided Markets
From Telco 2.0

Future of Broadband as a two-sided market

What Are Two-Sided Markets and Why They Matter

As always, to say that something is or isn't a two-sided market is neither bad nor good, anymore than identifying something as a duopoly or network is intrinsically bad or good. But it is important to recognize the nature of the market whether one believes in regulation or not.
Link Harvest: Court To Consider If Prince Abused DMCA Takedown Notice
Not everyone can get the EFF to defend them, of course, but EFF has been doing a very good job of pushing back on parties that abuse DMCA notice and take down provisions and otherwise abuse copyright litigation.
Legal Problems W/ Latest HHS Scheme
In a last ditch effort to show loyalty to the evangelicals, the Bush Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has proposed regulations that would prohibit any recipient of federal funds from requiring that any of its personnel to perform any abortion or administer any birth control or in any way be involved in either activity. I'm summarizing here, but the intent is clearly to be as broad as possible in the nature of the activity from which an employee or institution may abstain -- provided that it somehow relates back to birth control or contraception. Notably, no other behavior is so privileged.

Without regard to whether the enabling statutes cited provide this authority, I see some significant legal problems.

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