July 24th, 2008

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Dear Title III Licensee

Dear XM and Sirius:

I know you are all eager to turn on your brand new terrestrial repeater and start blasting out signal in accordance with you license. And, of course, the sooner you can light those "sticks in the air," the sooner you can add customers.

But we do insist you actually turn in your construction permit first and get permission to go live. This lets us check to make sure you didn't . . . . oh . . . . build your tower too high, or in the wrong place, or with too much power, and start causing major interference issues for your neighbors.

I know you get impatient with the backlog here at the Wireless Bureau. Who doesn't? And since we rarely actually come out and do a site inspection, what possible harm could there be in going live while the paperwork is processing? But, silly as it may seem to you, I am afraid I must actually insist on your following our procedures. Because it turns out, you built an awful lot of towers too tall, or too powerful, or in the wrong spot.

So I've upped your fine from $8 million to $19 million so that in the future you will bloody well follow the rules like everyone else and not cause serious interference issues to other terrestrial systems.

Are we clear?