August 29th, 2008

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What Progressives Don't Get About Conservative Women

Lest we progressives start to celebrate our own wisdom, respect for others, etc., etc., too much, one has only to observe general reaction to the notion of a smart, (relatively) young, strong, politically successful conservative woman.

The underlying operating assumption being that the conservative operating system is so basically inimical and hostile to women, and all about repressing women along every conceivable dimension, that if you are a woman and a conservative you must be one of the following: (a) abusively repressed/brainwashed, (b) unbelievably stupid, (c) a conscious hypocrite/ambitious/power hungry type adopting one rule for yourself and another for the masses, or (d) somehow deeply self-loathing.

I have spent 8 years in Washington DC working with a generation of smart, young, strong, politically successful women.

I can assure all my fellow progressives the above notion is CRAP!!! Worse, it is self-defeating, insulting and demeaning crap that will absolutely insure that any effort to create real solutions to actual political problems is doomed to fail. If this is a movement about changing the world rather than feeling all warm and yummy good about ourselves, then you need to either try to understand the underlying operating system or at least stop saying this stuff out loud.

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