September 1st, 2008

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If You Don't Teach Sex Ed In School, You Need To Teach It At Home . . .

So, Sarah Palin's daughter not big into either abstinence or safe sex.

I feel kinda bad for Palin, although everyone in the campaign must have known this would go public (one of the costs of being a candidate these days is that you subject not merely yourself, but your family to the unwinking stare of the public eye). Also, what comes around goes around. If you insist on making an issue of Michelle Obama's Princeton Thesis in 1985, because how she felt as a young black woman discovering herself in a very different climate is relevant to her character today, then you need to accept that how Sarah Palin is bringing up her kids is relevant.

Mind you, if it were my choice, we'd skip over Sarah Palin's daughter being pregnant as irrelevant to what sort of VP she would make, just as I find whether or not Edwards fathered a love child with his videographer irrelevant. But since that is not the way we do things these days, I resign myself to the hypocritical complaints by folks who have tried to make hay with every relative and acquaintance of the Obama's that Sarah Palin's bastard grandchild should be off limits.