September 11th, 2008

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The Annual 9/11 Post

As someone who worked two blocks away from the White House and was at work that morning, I would like to thank the folks on Flight 93 who may very well have saved my life.

I'll add that we folks in DC probably feel the same way about 9/11 as the folks in Mississippi feel about Katrina. Not to begrudge anything to the folks who died or whose lives we damaged by the attacks on the twin towers, but the occasional nod in the direction of Arlington would be nice.

This is also the first year in 3 years my younger brother is not leading a 9/11 remembrance for the lower school at MJBHA. I think this is unfortunate for a wide variety of reasons, although I shall hear what Aaron did in school when he gets home. Among other things, he spent a lot of time on "how do you reach children who have no memory of a pre-9/11 world and make them see why this is meaningful. What lessons are we teaching and how does it simultaneously fit into our lessons of civics as American citizens and our traditional moral teachings (my brother is a big believer in "teachable moments" and in having our Torah values re-enforce our civic values). He and his wife would spend weeks preparing an entirely new program every year because he felt passionately that this is a precious teachable moment for the next generation. In the days leading up to 9/11 you could invariably find him and Sherry at school until Midnight prepping for the event.

Have I mentioned what idiots they were to force him out? Probably . . .