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I surrender
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Sunday, October 19th, 2008

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Link Harvest: DTS Tutorial (from manufacturer)
The FCC is likely to approve rules for "digital transmission systems" for DTV broadcasters. Because the digital signal travels shorter distances (I have no idea why), viewers that have traditionally received analog signal may lose digital signal. DTS is designed to boost digital signal to provide signal to viewers who used to get signal and now aren't. One of the manufacturers of such a system gave this presentation to the FCC.


From a policy perspective, it opens many fun questions. For example, do you include viewers that are outside the official viewing area and picked up crappy analog signal when the weather was right? Do you include viewers in the official viewing area that never got the original signal? And why are we giving broadcasters another freebie of valuable spectrum rights at the expense of unlicensed "white spaces" devices?
Link Harvest: FCC Media Bureau Fines Cable Systems Over blocking Tivo

This involves implementation of the provision of the 1996 Telecommunications Act requiring cable operators to create an open interface for "set-top box navigators." Over 10 years and still waiting for implementation . . .
Link Harvest: McCain Win Good for Telecom Companies
According to this analyst, telecom interests will have a friend in McCain if he wins.

I generally agree, but think McCain is not particularly friendly to cable companies (the analyst specifically pushes Comcast). But the Bells will do very well under a McCain FCC.
Not that I expect this to shut Republicans Up Abut ACORN
Turns out a firm hired by the California GOP may have engaged in voter registration fraud.

Be interesting to see if it gets the same play as the ACORN stuff.
Red Sox Lose 2-1

But comfortingly familiar, I suppose.


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