October 25th, 2008

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Link Harvest: "Honestly Charlie Brown, This Time We Won't Lie To Congress . . . ."

So, according to this NYT piece, JP Morgan has no intention of using their injection of capital to make loans. Instead, the Federal money is being used to finance larger banks acquiring smaller banks.

Ya know, each time I think "man, this crisis is so bad, even these guys will need to rise above their usual croneyism, lies and Bananna Republic mentality and act in the national interest," I discover that I just have not dropped my expectations low enough.
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A Very Language Based Drash on Breisheit.

I will begin by saying that I am in the camp that does not take Breisheit literally, and also view the standard Biblical criticism of Gen. (e.g., the supposed "two creation stories" (actually three, possibly four, depending on how you count) as being hopelessly mired in anthropological ideas that have been discredited for a good 25-30 years now (for example, the notion that "primitive cultures" are illiterate and that the primary purpose of cosmology myths is to explain the physical world in a rather simplistic Schleiman-esque fashion). This year, I was drawn to the rather obvious parable-like nature of the names of Kayin's descendants.

More below.
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