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I surrender
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Thursday, October 30th, 2008

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Missed the Obama Infomercial
It seems to have gotten good reviews, and I imagine I can find it on the website. But did anybody reading this see it? Anybody have a sense how it is playing?
A slight revision of Exodus 32
And the investors did gather unto Paulson saying: "Let us make for ourselves a god to go before us, for this man Bush, who raised us up to a 14,000 Dow, we do not know what has become of him!"

And Paulson did say unto them: "Gather up all your gold and bring it to me. Take it from your wives and even from your children, and bring it to me." And the people did gather up $700 billion, and simply handed it to him. And Paulson threw it into a great pot, and fashioned a golden Bull, and he declared "a holiday to the Dow tomorrow." And the people rose the next day, and brought offerings, and the people settled to eat and drink and make merry.

(thanks to mamadeb for the pointer).
I just love local television . . . .
This is so bad, it's good.

Mind you, this is more intelligent than the recent interview I just heard on NPR, wherein McCain spokescritter Nicolle Wallace ends up crediting Joe the Plumber for calling Obama a "socialist" and, despite continued reminders by interviewer Michelle Norris that McCain is actually running for President. Wallace ends up waxing rhapsodical about Joe, especially "his words and wisdom," rather than actually talk about what John McCain said.

It's sad when pooping cats make more sense than the campaign's official spokesperson.
Maybe I'll Just Collect Idiotic McCain Clips
So while Douglas Holtz-Eakin was chickening out from defending McCain's tech policy, he was busy trying to persuade MSNBC viewers that it would be Obama that would continue Bush's policies.

Between this and the fact that his own campaign now refers all inquiries on what McCain stands for to "Joe the Plumber", I gotta wonder whether there is anything John McCain won't do or say at this point.

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