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I surrender
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Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

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Jon Stewart Filks and Explains The Outstanding Senate Elections
Meanwhile, having nothing to do with this video, am I too cynical when I note that the drive to punish Leiberman seems to be stalling just when it looks like he might be the 60th vote for a fillibuster proof majority?

The Real Marriage Revolution
Normally, I don't interfere with the positions of the vanguard party in revolutions I like. But too many people fail to understand why recognition of same-sex marriage really is revolutionary to the social order and not all about cuddling and saner estate planning. It threatens a significant class of incumbents, and failure to recognize this leads folks who should be leading the revolution to keep expecting a cakewalk.

Really, this is more like traditional marriage's last stand than a battle to protect traditional marriage. If it helps, think of this as rather like the fight of the copyright interests to get the DMCA passed. It is problematic and annoying, but it is no more possible to hold back the disruptive tide than when Canute gave his courtiers the object lesson with the real thing 1000 years ago.

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