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I surrender
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Monday, November 24th, 2008

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But is my obscurity an asseset or a weakness?
Paul Kaputska ranks his top ten "net neutrality influencers". I do not rank even an honorable mention.

Go And Read "The Pains" By John Sundman
I'm linking to the release of "The Pains," the latest self-published novel by Wetmachine founder and fellow blogger John Sundman. I have not yet read the Pains beyond the first few chapters posted to the Wetmachine site some time back, but I greatly enjoyed his earlier work Acts of the Apostles.

Anyway, John self-publishes and would greatly appreciate people buying his books and, if they like them, spreading the word around about them. Since he has released it under a Creative Commons license, you can go sample some before deciding to buy.
I am now twittering
user name haroldfeld

I expect I shall regret this. Anybody got any advice on what the best use of twitter is?

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