November 27th, 2008

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Well, It's Been A Year To Be Thankfull For . . . .

As always on Thanksgiving, I am struck by how much I have to be thankfull for to God and to al the wonderful people in my life.

Last February, Becky spent three weeks in the Hospital. This August, my cousing Laura died tragically young of cancer. These things remind me of what a precious gift every second is. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Perhaps I will live another 79 years and live to see Aaron's grandchildren on my knees. Perhaps I will die after posting this in some ridiculous home accident or unforseeable stroke. As I look outside, on a sunny Thanksgiving day, my larder brimming with food, my family safe, I can only reflect on the words of Ecclesiastes 9:7-9: "Go, eat with happiness your bread, and drink your wine with a joyfull heart, for the Lord has accepted your works. Let your garments be white at all times, nor may you lack oil to annoit yourselves. See life with the one you love all the days of this brief life that are given to you under the Sun; for your life is brief, and it is for this that you truly labor in the task given to you under the Sun.
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God give Progressives An Extra Special Thanksgiving Present

Ann Coulter broke her jaw and has had it wired shut.

Man, God, must really hate Conservatives right now. First the markets melt down and trigger a widespread reaction against deregulation and a stampede to big government, then Obama is elected and the Ds capture even more seats in Congress, then the Iraqis set a timetable for U.S. withdrawal, and now this.

Why is God so angry at Conservatives that he keeps punishing them? I mean, they do see the hand of God in this, like they did with 9/11 and Katrina, don't they?

It's tough if you are convinced God agrees with you, instead of asking with a humble and contrite heart what God actually wants you to do.