December 8th, 2008

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Life Changing Announcement

I am leaving Media Access Project. Date of Departure is January 31, 2009.

No, I do not have an outstanding job offer.

This has been coming for some time. I actualy gave MAP notice back in October. The official announcemet went out today, which irks me because (a) i am on travel to Cincinatti (finaly arrived) and (b) they did not post it to the website.


Why am I doing this? In part it is summed up by this quote (from memory) from Return of the King

Gandalf: The Third Age is passing. It shall be your job to preserve what can be saved and keep the memory of what once was alive.

Aragorn: Well I know it, my friend. But I would still have your counsel.

Gandalf: But not for long. I was the enemy of Sauron. I belonged to the Third Age, and that time is passing.

I have spent ten years at MAP. For 8 of those ten years, I have been mostly in opposition to the Administration and its policies. I have been, on the whole, pleased with my accomplishments. But I have also grown tired. I am in grave danger of losing my inspiration and my passion, which are ultimately what make me effective. And I have long, long railed against the problem in our field of people staying on when it is high time for them to clear out and make room for a new generation.

Time to go, when we have a good bench of public interest lawyers and a rush of new talent inspired to make the world a better place. Time to go, while people are still sorry to see me leave and while I can still feel a twinge at going -- rather than waiting until people keep hoping I'll push off and I stay on largely because I can't think of what else to do with myself. Time to go, when (barring an economic recession) the world in which I live is in ferment and there will never be a better time to seek something new.

And yes, I would be happy to serve in an Obama Administration if they asked. I filled out the form at, so they know where to find me if they decide they want me. As for how I will get paid after Jan 31, well -- we'll just have to see. While it may seem mad to some to leave a good paying job for a leap into the unknown, I can only say again that I feel in my bones it is time.