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I surrender
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Monday, December 22nd, 2008

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Quick Observation on the Solstice Day Ideas
Prompted in part by a thread on mamadeb's site, I actually got curious about this notion that "everyone" has some kind of solstice holiday.

Actually, as far as I can tell, large numbers of people don't.
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Link Harvest: First sale doctrine and MP3s, CRTC decision on ISP wholesale
Ars Technica does a good job on the background of the "first sale doctrine" and its application to MP3s.

CRTC requires that Bell Canada and others offer wholesale customers the same speeds for resale as they offer themselves.

The last is interesting because it highlights that CRTC has not shifted gears on its traditional understanding of competition issues. They are not taking a new total "hands off" approach. But they are grounded in a very simple attitude toward competition and a lack of understanding about network management.
More on Chanukah (then I really got to get to work)
I think one of the things that confuses people is the interplay between what we would think of as religious and secular holidays in Judaism.
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