January 7th, 2009

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Modern Indulgences

My thanks to madfilkentist for this link on the Pope granting indulgences to those who participated in World Youth Day.

I find this interesting, as I am utterly ignorant of the dogma here -- although I believe this was the primary plot device in the movie Dogma. Most of us have really bad ideas about indulgences due to that whole Reformation thing. But I assume the problem there was the selling of indulgences.

So I'm curious about the modern use of indulgences and where they fit into the modern Catholic theology. Anybody got any knowledge or resources on it?
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My conclusion after seeing the Balmer CES Keynote

1) It is amazing how he never mentioned Vista.

2) MS seems to be making better progress toward integration and user-inuitive interfaces.

3) The XBOX is potentially the most important educational tool created to date. It's potential is sadly frittered away. If I had the power, I would completely obliterate our existing education system and recreate it.